by Open Sea

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released September 15, 2011



all rights reserved


Open Sea Australia

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Track Name: Old Man, Where Have You Been? (Late Night, Moonlight. What Have You Seen?)
Old man, where have you been?
Late night, moonlight, what have you seen?
Track Name: Nevermore
O can you remember?
That night in the sand,
That night
That I took your hand

O I’m sure of the many
Nights you’ve mourned
At the thought of an
Unclosed Door

It was nothing more
We were nothing more
We will never be
Track Name: June
Everything, keeps getting worse

Her Four Pained Window
Paints the image
Of a ghost

At least I
Enjoy my

I still
Sleep on your side of the bed
Trying to catch your scent
It’s been three weeks

I’m no one that’s no where
When I’m without you
Track Name: Wandering Man
Blue eyes
Still Dried
I’ve got nothing from no one again

I can hear it even now
The lonely loved girl
About nothing and no one

There is pleasure
In the pathless woods
There is rapture
On the lonely shore
In society where no one intrudes
On the depths of the shore
I love man not
But nature more

Lock Me In
Shut Me Out

Remote in the heart of it all
Heavy with thoughts
I’ll never share
Lost everything
Gained nothing
Happy learning not to
Trust a soul
Track Name: Apart
No matter how close
Two people are
They will always be an infinity apart
But please dear remember from the start
That this love will never tear us apart
Yet no matter how hard you try to deny
We are all the same human by
This love will never, tear us apart

I can see the strangled tooth
I can see the sullen eye
Track Name: Old Road Blues
I was standing on the road
Watching the dull light go
I’m trying for the same road
The old road I used to know
It’s the only one I know
This is all I know

I’m trying to cope
Take me away
I’m running from hope
Take me away
I’m in fear of fear
Take me away

Why won’t you tell me this isn’t helping
I’m Trying
I’m lying
I’m trying
Why won’t you tell me
Track Name: My Stone Garden - Cemetery Waiting